Bud has been consumed for thousands of years, recently we’ve seen the creation of new methods to consume bud that are growing in popularity. Now there are more options than ever before. There are far more ways to consume bud than just smoking, dabbing, and vaping. Now that bud is being infused with everything there are hundreds of ways to consume it, but these 3 are the most popular.

1. Smoking Through Combustion

Smoking using combustion is the oldest and in my opinion the best way to enjoy bud. Combustion is the act  of lighting up material with a flame directly. In this case you are either lighting a joint or bud in the bowl of a bong with a lighter. Combustion is very different from dabbing and vaping. While dabbing you are heating up a banger or nail until it is hot and then melting the concentrate on to the banger creating a vapor. Vaping is more similar to dabbing because you are not directly lighting the bud. While vaping you are heating up the bud until it activates however there is no actual flame. Many people think that holding the smoke in your lungs will create a stronger effect but this is not true, holding the smoke in your lungs will not have much of an effect since the effects of the bud are absorbed very quickly. It has been proven that smoking bud has had a medicinal effects for some people, especially those who suffer from extreme pain. However, combustion is not the best way to ingest bud for everyone, smoking is not a good option for people who have asthma or are suffering from pulmonary damage.

Bongs, Blunts, Bowls?

You can smoke through combustion with many different devices like joints, bongs, bowls, blunts, bubblers, one-hitters, pipes, etc. People often have a preference to one which method they use, I believe they all have merit and provide a slightly different experience. Personally I like using a bong the most, this is because I like filling my bong with ice. Ice cools the smoke and makes it much easier on the lungs.

Why To Grind Bud?

Once seeds and stems are removed, crumble the bud into a grinder. The grinder is the best way to get all of your bud into a consistent texture that will burn well. Grinding is not mandatory, but the oil on your fingertips can remove crystals from the bud, which may reduce the potency of the bud. Therefore, it is suggested to grind the bud. After grinding the bud you are going to want to pack it in a joint, bong bowl, blunt, handpipe, etc.

How To Pack A Bowl?

A big rookie mistake is packing your bowl / joint too tightly. When you pack the bowl or joint too tightly you are cutting off the supply of oxygen, fire needs oxygen to burn so packing it too tightly is a big no no. What you can do after packing the bowl or joint is to take a toothpick and loosen up the bud so it can light.

What Does Smoking Bud Feel Like?

The effects of smoking range from person to person. The effects can be things like feeling a state of euphoria to paranoia, depending on the type of strain you use as well as the amount you have smoked in the past. The effect will also vary depending on the mood you are in. There are 3 different branches of bud:

  • Sativa – Strains for social, energizing, and cerebral effect.
  • Indica – Strains for relaxing, sleepy, and sedative effects.
  • Hybrid Strains – Hybrid strains can vary wildly.

How Long Will I Be High For?

Effects will peak within 30 minutes and last up to 3 hours, depending on the strain you use, your tolerance, as well as your metabolism.

2. How To Dab?

Dabbing is a relatively new form of ingesting bud. It is similar to hitting a bong or vaping, however when you dab you are ingesting a potent bud concentrate. So if you want to get really buzzed, dabbing is your best option.

The term “dabbing” refers to smoking concentrate off of a heated banger or nail.. While dabbing you are not directly heating up the small quantity of bud concentrate but the surface on which you will put the wax.. After you have heated the banger or nail with a blowtorch, you want to then take the wax and melt it onto the banger or nail. You are going to want to heat up the banger or nail for about 25 seconds but this depends on the thickness and quality of the banger. Heating up a banger for too long will get the concentrate too hot and you will lose a lot of the wax. When dabbing, use a small quantity of marijuana concentrate as it contains up to 50 to 80% pure bud.

Different Dab Rigs?

There are fewer options to what you can smoke out of if you choose to  dab. Firstly you are going to want a smaller dab rig, smaller rigs are better for tasting the flavor and have less drag. Dab rigs come in different prices and quality. There are new devices that are fully electronic and do not require a blow torch, the Puffco Peak is one of the most popular electronic dabbing rigs. Many people go for the cheapest blow torch, this can be a mistake. If you buy a cheap blow torch you will not be able to evenly heat up the banger.

What Does Dabbing Feels Like?

If done correctly, dabbing delivers a high and clean doze that has a potentially dizzying and extremely cerebral effect. It also acts as a major pain relief for some people.

Duration Of Dab High?

Again much like smoking the duration of your dab high will really depend on multiple factors, it varies from person to person. The effects can be things like feeling a state of euphoria to paranoia, depending on the type of strain you use as well as the amount you have used in the past. Tolerance plays a major factor there, a new dabber should not use the same amount of wax as a seasoned dabber.  Don’t plan on going anywhere after dabbing.

Note: Beginners should start with a very small quantity, dabbing can be the most dangerous method of consuming bud as you probably are using a blow torch. Never dab using alcohol-based extracts.

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3. What Is Vaping?

There is often confusion about vaping. Vaping has been in the news recently, many different substances can be vaped including E-juice, Salt Nic, and bud. Because vaping is such a broad topic the types of vapes are often confused with one another. In this instance we are talking about vaping bud. Vaping bud often gets a bad reputation from tokers. Smokers sometimes diss vapes but I believe that this is because of the quality of the vape device. Vaporization is considered a healthier substitute for smoking and dabbing as it minimizes the consumption of harmful toxins. Some people even choose to vape because vaporizers do not produce a strong smell of bud as compared to other methods.

Different Vape Devices?

There are different types of vaporizers, such as hand-held versions all the way to the famous Storz & Bickel Volcano. Everyone knows about the famous volcano, this is the best vape in the world and is perfect for parties and large groups of people. However there is another category of vapes called, vape pens, these are sleek and small devices perfect for taking with you on the go.

How to Vape?

Most vapes are battery operated, some people find this to be a plus where others find it to be inconvenient. Unlike smoking, there is nothing to burn, meaning that vaping is non-carcinogenic and is activated through internally controlled heat. Take in the vapes slow and low, and you are good to go. Remember, vaping does not hit like joints, and from my personal experience has a delayed effect. This does not mean that vaping is weaker than other methods however.

What Does Vaping Feels like?

I like vaping due to the flavor and clean buzz. Vaping does not hit as fast as a dab hit or bong hit which I personally like. The amount of a buzz you get is easier to control by using a vape as well.

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How Long Does A Vape High?

Effects will peak in the first 30 minutes, which may last for the next 1 to 3 hours. Again like combustion and dabbing this really depends on many factors listed above.

These were three different and effective methods to consume bud and get super high. The best way to find out which method works for you is through controlled and slow experimentation. In the end, what matters the most is that you make the right decisions and have the ultimate experience of getting super high!

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