Dabbing Temperature

Like most things in vaping, dab temperature is a matter of personal choice. Some people enjoy dabs that are low to mid-temperature, while others prefer dabs that are high temperature.

Heating up your dab rig bowl, inserting your concentrates, and inhaling the cannabinoid-rich vapor is all it takes to dab cannabis concentrates. Maybe that’s why dabbing is such a popular topic these days, in more ways than one.

However, you should be aware of the temperature you use while dabbing, since it will have a direct impact on the flavors, aromas, and effects of your smoking experience. Not only that, but the heat also has a significant impact on how cannabinoids and terpenes are vaporized and degraded before reaching your lips. And after you’ve read this article, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to decide which option is best for you.

Low Temp Dabbing

Low Temp Dabs: 400-500°F

Low Temp Dabbing

While high-temperature dabbing produces more powerful rips, low temperature dabbing produces a much smoother and more delicious experience. Different chemicals are activated at different temperatures in cannabis concentrates, which contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Overheating the material could potentially damage your health by releasing carcinogenic substances into the vapor. As a result, it’s important to pay attention to keeping an optimal temperature, one that’s high enough for your concentrate’s cannabinoids and terpenes to activate, melt, and evaporate without burning the valuable compounds. And because each terpene boils at a different temperature, the optimal temperature to achieve all of this varies based on the terpene profile of your concentrates.

You will get high with low-temperature dabbing, but it will not happen as fast as with high-temperature dabbing. Instead, it develops gradually, just like all other characteristics of low temperature dabbing; only the high lasts longer. Due to the fact that it’s a much more soothing experience, low-temperature dabbing is a fantastic method for newbies to get into vaping concentrates. Even seasoned vape enthusiasts prefer low temp dabbing because it generates a richer taste and a longer-lasting high.

High Temp Dabbing

High Temp Dabs: 600°and Above

High Temp Dabbing

While lower temperatures produce more savory and controllable Dab rips, some users like to go higher. Although lower temperatures allow you to taste more of your dabs’ terpenes, higher temps are typically preferred for a killer potent high.

When a dab is heated to high temperatures, it vaporizes fast, releasing all of the THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes in the process, giving the user a powerful high as they inhale. High temperature dabbing, on the other hand, isn’t required to release all the cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. The vapor is quite unpleasant since the dab is vaporized at such a high temperature, which might take some getting accustomed to. Albeit some vaporizers with high-temperature dabbing capabilities contain a water bubbler to cool the vapor, the smoke can still be irritating for certain users.

When you employ 600°F and higher temps for your dabs, you’ll get immediate vaporization and highly potent rips that will get you lifted in no time. However, you’ll burn most of the terpenes in your dabs as a result, therefore your rips will be much less tasty.

How Do You Measure the Temperature While Dabbing?

When it comes to measuring the temperature while dabbing, there’s multiple popular techniques people like to use. Some of which are much more effective than others. We’ll go over the most popular ways of doing so.


Using an enail is the best method to dab at your preferred temperature. E-nails are temperature-controlled electronic dab nails that attach to your Dab Rig and can be tuned to a specific temperature. These not only make dabbing a lot easier and safer, but they also guarantee a flawless dabbing experience every time. They’re also great for trying out different temperature settings.


The Terpometer Dabbing Device

The Terpometer is an innovative electronic device that displays the temperature of a nail or banger in real time. Temperature measurements are shown on an easy-to-read LCD display. You’re ready to apply a dab to your nail when the screen turns green. The Terpometer is positioned on the nail and shows how rapidly the temperature drops until it reaches your preferred temperature.


Another option to help you assess the rate of heat loss in your nail or banger is an analog or digital timer. You can use a little sand timer, watch, smartphone, or even a kitchen timer to follow timing guidelines. Torch your nail for 15 to 40 seconds and let it cool for 30 to 40 seconds for low-temperature dabs. A timer provides an accurate representation of the elapsed time, allowing you to pinpoint the optimal dabbing technique for you.


The temperature at which you should dab is mostly determined by your personal preferences. Lower temperatures are favored by some users for cooler, more savory rips, while higher temperatures are preferred by others for quick vaporization and intense, fast-acting effects. We recommend you keep your temperature between 400 and 750° Fahrenheit, with 400-500° being the sweet spot.

If you’re all about enjoying the flavor of your concentrates, low-temperature dabbing is the way to go. But, if you’re someone who’s looking for a powerful rush of cannabinoids and terpenes, high-temperature dabbing will be your best bet.

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