“The common bong or water pipe as we know them today have come a long way since their initial invention.”

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When it comes to bongs with percs there is a long history to talk about. The Weed Blog says that the history of bongs dates back from centuries and some of the ancient percs are even forgotten. I would imagine that the earliest Bongs would have had a simple downstem. I don’t think that they were creating matrix percs 5000 years ago. The word bong comes from Asia, or more specifically the Thai language where “baung” which is a type of smoking device. In Africa also, people would had a history of creating bongs. Here are some that you will have seen before:

  • Tree Perc
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Bucket Perc


American glass blowing artists are constantly inventing new percs; there is no way to say how many different types of percs exist. What type of perc you think is best is very subjective. Some percs have more filtration but they are harder to clean. After smoking lots of different pieces you will find out what perc you think is best.Here are some different options:


Percs are what creates the bubbles in your bong that filter smoke. Because of the percs you get a much smoother hit, however the amount of filtration will depend on the type of perc as well as the quality of the perc. Some people prefer more percs while other people prefer a more simple perc with less drag. I think bongs with percs that filter smoke are the healthiest way to smoke. You can see the amount of gunk that a perc picks up after a few smoke sessions.

If you prefer smoother hits, or you’re looking for a healthier way to smoke, percolators are definitely something worth having in a smoking piece

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This is one of the most common percs for beginners, however that does not mean it is bad. It is common to see a 4-6 branch tree perc above a downstem. The key is to look at the quality of the branches of the tree perc, make sure they are all uniform and there are no flaws in them. The bong below has a 2 layer 20 branch tree perc.


Honeycomb percs produce a lot of bubbles, however they can be tough to clean. When you get a honeycomb piece from a well-known company or artist you can guarantee that it will function excellently.Cheaply made honeycomb percs are awful. If you are going to get a honeycomb bong make sure you get it from a good company or artist that is well known for honeycomb pieces.


I have only experienced a bucket perc very recently. I had no clue how it was going to function. I can say bucket percs are my new favorite. They have very little drag but amazing filtration due to their reverse design. There is also minimal drag. You need to try one of these for yourselves.


Right now there is tons of overseas cheap glass on the market. These bongs will work and for some people, it makes more sense to buy a cheap piece so when you break it you can replace it, even though it makes the smoking experience worse. If you are going to have your bong for a few months why buy a cheap piece when you can pay a little more and have so much more of a good time. Some people might need a bong for a weekend and then will have to throw it away; it makes more sense here to buy a cheap piece. You will have to wait a few weeks for shipping however if you do decide to buy from overseas.


I have had lots of different pieces in my life and right now I think an Illadelph with an Illadelph downstem is best, with an Illadelph ash catcher too if you can get it. Very early in my smoking career, I had a few overseas cheap pieces and had a negative experience with bad percs. Right now I prefer an amazing down stem that can produce lots of bubbles with almost no drag. However, there are other companies that focus on percolation that I like as well.


All In 1 Smoke Shop of course! One American glass company that makes crazy “Honeycomb” percs is “Seed of Life” (SOL). This company is based out of California. All In 1 Smoke Shop sells authentic SOL pieces. These are amazing and I have personally used them. SOL has a unique take on the honeycomb where they have designed a unique “Lace Sphere Perc”.

Here is an image of the “Lace Sphere Perc”. Because there are experts working at SOL they are able to create this amazing perc with no imperfections. If you have been in one of the All In 1 Smoke Shopstores you must have SOL pieces. SOL also makes different styles of pieces.

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