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What’s your favorite way to smoke?  Do you like to smoke flower from bongs?  Or do you prefer to use dab rigs to consume pure concentrates?  No matter what your preferred way of smoking, you’ll find everything you need at All in One’s smoke shops, including our store in State College, PA.  We stock all the best bongs, dab rigs, bowls, pipes, smoking accessories, and more, all for sale at affordable prices.

Speaking of smoke shops, in addition to our store in State College, PA, we have 7 other locations spread across 4 states.  We also maintain an extensive online head shop where you’ll find all the best bongs for sale! Plus we stock rigs, pipes, rolling papers, and other smoking accessories with free shipping on orders over $25.

We Carry Illadelph Products & More!

Constructed from high quality borosilicate glass, Illadelph products are widely known as some of the most beautiful and functional glass pieces on the market today.  Founded in our hometown in 2002, they quickly rose to prominence because of their products’ robust construction, functionality, and all-around good looks.  Today, Illadelph is synonymous with the City of Brotherly Love and All in One is proud to carry their fine products in all of our smoke shops and our online head shop.

Because of their popularity, these pipes and smoking accessories are some of the most frequently counterfeited glass pieces out there.  If you want genuine Illadelph products (and what serious smoker doesn’t?), it’s important that you seek out an authorized retailer to ensure you’re getting the real thing. 

We also carry a wide variety of other high end glass brands. You’ll find bongs, rigs, and pipes from manufacturers such as HiSi, MAV Glass, ROOR, and Aqua Works. As one of the premier smoke shops in the country, we guarantee that every brand name product for sale in our stores is the genuine article.  Look for these high quality products at our State College, PA location and at all of our other stores!


It pays to be picky when you’re looking at smoke shops.  If you don’t take the time to verify the credentials of your head shop, you could end up buying counterfeit pieces that aren’t built to last.  You don’t have to worry when you shop at All in One Smoke Shop!  Whether you’re shopping at our State College, PA location, at any of our other locations, or on our online store, you can rest assured that every brand name product you see is authentic.

Have questions?  Feel free to give us a call at (267) 399-3691 or fill out the simple form on our contact page.  We will be happy to help you find the right product for you.

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