If you have watched stoner movies in the past then you have seen a bong being smoked. From a non smokers perspective bongs can seem confusing and intimidating. If you have ever wondered how to smoke a bong properly then you need to read this guide!

Different Parts Of A Bong


The base is the bottom part of bong that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. A beaker or straight tube is used to hold the water and functions as the chamber that cools down the smoke when it passes through the water. The base is the easiest part of the bong to break. The base is also the home for the downstem.


The bowl is where combustion of the herb occurs, the bowl connects with the downstem.. There are thousands of different styles of bowls. Some people love heady bowl and some people like scientific bowls. Here are some bowls. There are 3 sizes of bowls, 10mm (small), 14mm (medium), and 19mm (large). 10mm is mostly used for small heady rigs, 14mm and 18mm are much more common. If you do not get the right sized bowl for your downstem it will not create a seal and your bong will not work. After lighting the herb you pull out the bowl and send air through the downstem sending the smoke into your lungs.


Also known as a diffuser, it is a small tube that connects the bowl and then travels into the base and sits below the water line. This way when the smoke travels from the bowl through the downstem into the base it is cooled by water. This makes the hit much smoother and easier on your lungs.. There are tons of different types of downstems and there is often debate about which type of downstem is best. In the Illadelph community people often want “OG Downstems”, there are earlier versions of Illadelph Downstems. Here is an Illadelph that comes with an OG Downstem.


The neck of the bong starts at the mouthpiece and runs all the way to the ice pinch. Personally I love using ice in my bong. It cools the smoke which makes it much easier on my lungs and throat. When the bong is full of ice I can smoke for much longer. However there are more than just Ice pinches. Illadelph created and has perfected the glycerin coil. Here is an example of a Illadelph Coil Beaker. This glycerin coil disconnects from the base of the bong and can be put in the freezer. The coil can be colder than ice and provides a super smooth hit.

How to Smoke from a Bong?

A bong is composed of 4 parts, which include a base, bowl,  downstem, and neck. To smoke a bong properly follow these 4 steps.

Step 1: Pour enough water into the base of the bong so that the perc holes in the downstem are completely submerged. How much water you put in is subjective. Some people like more water which creates more diffusion and some people like less water for a snappy hit

Step 2: Now pack the bowl with herb. You do not want to overpack the bowl because then air will not be able to travel through the downstem. It is useful to get a toothpick and fluff the bowl after you pack it.

Step 3: Place your mouth above the mouthpiece, light the bowl, and then inhale slowly. You do not want to suck all the herb through the downstem before combustion.

Step 4: Once you see milky smoke in the chamber pull the bowl out of the downstem. This will allow fresh air to travel through the downstem. This fresh air will push the smoke up the neck of the bong and straight into your lungs.

Why do People Prefer Bongs

There are several reasons why people choose bongs over hand pipes and carts. Here are a few of them:

  • Provide bigger hits
  • They are much smoother than dry pipes
  • Easy to clean
  • Smoother hit
  • Ice Pinch

Buy a Bong

There are lots of places where you can buy a bong, however all bongs are not created equal. There are thousands of different bongs. I did not know what was my favorite type of bong until I tried a bunch of them. All In 1 Smoke Shop only carries the best bongs. We have tons of brands that are all American made. Check out some of our glass here!

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