Advantages of Different Pipe Shapes

Pipe smoking used to be an occasional part of life back in the days. Though recently, the youth have also adapted pipe smoking, which brought about the invention of many different shapes of pipes. As it has now been a hobby for most smoking fans, knowing the advantages of choosing one pipe shape over another is beneficial. You can find pipes and fun smoking accessories online at our shop.

Ability to clench

If you prefer to clench your pipe, your attention would be on the overall size and weight, which consists of the secondary differences. Preferably, bent pipes are chosen as they sit and hang once you clench them. The straight pipes are not preferred for use when clenching, as they don’t hang as nicely as bent ones and would be tiresome to use a straight pipe when clenching.

Type of tobacco in use

The main types of tobacco commonly in use are Virginia tobacco and English tobacco. For each of the types, there is a specification. While using the Virginia tobacco, taller pipes with narrower bowls would do, but while using the English blends of tobacco, shorter pipes with more full bowls are preferred.

Ability to gurgle

This is a tricky advantage to consider since if you prefer gurgling, bent pipes gurgle more than straight ones, but fully bent pipes do not allow gurgling. So medially bent pipes are the best if your choice goes on the one that does the gurgling more efficiently.

Easiness to clean

Like any tool of use, the smoking pipes require cleaning after use. Since a pipe cleaner is used, straight pipes would allow the pipe cleaner to go through the pipe quite quickly compared to bent pipes, which would prove to be a headache when cleaning, as it is not easy for the pipe cleaner to go through bent pipes.

Size of walls of bowls preventing heating up

While smoking tobacco, the smoking pipe gets conventionally heated up, and one with thick walls of its bowls would keep the bowl from heating up and offer a more comfortable hold of your smoking pipe. Those with thinner walls of the bowls get heated up quickly and may be more difficult to handle.

The smoking experience with your desired smoking pipe shape is what smokers aim for. If you’re looking for pipes, rigs, and other smoking accessories, you can find them all at our smoke shop in Miami.

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