Heady Glass

If you have been around the smoking industry at all, you have undoubtedly come into contact with heady glass. This artistic form of glass blowing is unmistakable due to its unique colors and designs. But how much do you know about these amazing pieces?

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass is a type of functional glass made for smoking that also artistically rivals the most intricate of sculpture art. “Heady” is simply a nick-name given to this category of high quality blown glass pieces. This category contains items such as dab rigs, dabbers, hand pipes, and bongs.

Heady glass is a very artistic form of glass and is not easy to create. It is made by experienced glassblowers using very high-end glass. These glassblowers use advanced techniques such as fuming, millies, sculpting, reversals, and wig wags to create unique, one of a kind pieces. These pieces often contain intense and intricate color schemes and amazing visual effects.

Although heady glass is designed to be visually stunning, it has to be functional as well. The best artists can create glass which is beautiful and easy to use.

Why Should I Buy Heady Glass?

For one thing, it immediately stands out. Each piece is handcrafted by a skilled and experienced artist. For this reason, it is available in very limited quantities and many pieces are truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

Heady glass is not easily confused with other types of glass because of its vibrant colors and unique appearance. Owning a piece of is a matter of pride among those in the smoking industry. Many people become collectors and end up procuring a unique and beautiful assortment of glass. Some pieces become highly sought after collector’s items, skyrocketing in price and propelling their creators to fame and fortune.

Prices range from a couple hundred to several thousands of dollars. Some may see this as b

eing quite expensive, but It can sometimes be very costly for artists to create heady pieces. Certain “hype” colors can cost a glassblower as much as $200

a pound. Also, many people see heady glass as an investment. The value of a piece will only increase as it’s artist continues to create and become more well known.

Where Can I Get Heady Glass?

Right here at All In One Smoke Shop of course! We have more than 100 different pieces in an astounding variety of colors, designs, and price points. Browse our extensive collection and find a great deal on your next piece of functional art.

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Moksha Banger Hanger


6″ Tall

banger hanger

Female Joint

14mm Joint

Flared Mouthpiece

CFL reactive horns yellow to pink

Syzygy Glass

Mushroom Warp Mini Rig


Empire Glassworks

7″ Tall

Fixed Inline Downstem

Killer Mushroom Slide

Satin Mini Rig by Black T Glass


6” Tall

Female Joint



Fume Marble

Aphrodesia / Pink Satin

Crafted By Black T Glass

Terps & Slyrm 10mm Removable Rig


6″ Tall


Mini Beaker Rig

Crafted By Guero Glass

Yigs Encalmo Rig


5.5″ Tall

Female Joint

14mm Joint

90° Joint

Translucent Glass

Black Accents 

100% American Glass

Crafted By Yigs


Zach P Sketch Rig


7.5” Tall

Female Joint


Unique Sketched Labels 

Crafted By Zach P