Amorphous Symphony Dinosaur


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About the Amorphous Dinosaurs

The Jurassic creation you’re looking at was designed by master artisan @Amorphous_Symphany, AKA Brandon Spencer. He is based in Philadelphia and has only been blowing glass since 2017. But quickly started making waves in the heady glass community. He’s always had an interest in dinosaurs ever since he was a kid. He even wanted to be a paleontologist at one point. Instead, he now creates virtually any Jurassic design that he comes up with. And this dino is no different. With millie eyes, opaque color, plus a tail and feet that act as a stand, it truly looks like it will come alive as soon as your back is turned. And who’s to say it won’t?


  • 10mm Female Joint
  • Gorgeous Millie Eyes
  • Fully Sandblasted
  • Unique Dinosaur Design
  • Stands on Its Feet And Tail

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Amorphous Symphony Dinosaur

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