Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are one of the most classic ways to enjoy smoking. In fact, hand pipes have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. They are simple in both use and design, and they are highly portable. Hand pipes can deliver smoke that is harsher than the smoke from a rig or a bong because there is no water filtration.

A typical hand pipe today is made of glass, wood, or metal, and consists of a bowl to place your tobacco or other herbs in, and a hollow stem leading from the bowl to the user’s mouth.

Types of Hand Pipes

There are several different styles of hand pipes to choose from, depending on what you want to use them for, and what type of style you prefer.

One Hitters

One hitters are exactly what they sound like. These pipes hold enough for only one hit. They can be made from a variety of different materials and are extremely small and portable.

Glass Cigars

Glass cigars are good for people who normally like to roll their own but like the look and feel of a glass hand pipe. They are basically just like a traditional cigar. Most have some sort of extendable mouthpiece that you can pull back to load your tobacco. You can then push or twist the mouthpiece forward while you are smoking to expel your ashes.


The spoon is the classic hand pipe design. They are usually glass but can be made from silicone if you are worried about having slippery fingers. Spoons have a straight neck with a rounded bowl at the end. They are flat on the bottom so that they can easily sit on a counter or table. Spoons often have carb holes on the left side of the bowl which allows you to regulate airflow and create smoother hits.


Sherlock pipes are modeled after the traditional pipe design that most people think of when they think of pipe smoking. Specifically the type of pipe that Sherlock Holmes became known for smoking (hence the name). Their design makes them very comfortable to use because you can light them without having to bend your neck down.


Chillums are the simplest type of hand pipe. They are simply a straight glass tube that can be filled with tobacco and smoked much like a cigarette. For dabbers, they also make chillums that you can put wax in and heat with a torch. Most chillums are made from either glass or titanium.


Steamrollers look a lot like chillums, but they have carbs built into them, and they are known for giving especially hard hits. Some are designed with a nail instead of a bowl and are made for smoking oils.

Water Hand Pipes

Water hand pipes are a cross between a bong or rig, and a traditional dry hand pipe. They are usually a little bigger than regular hand pipes and they use water to cool and filter the smoke, resulting in a much smoother hit. They can be a good transition for someone who is trying to switch from water pipes to dry pipes.

Whatever your preferred method of smoking might be, make sure you check out our quality hand pipes.

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