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A common form of smoking for generations, glass pipes and hand pipes are classic smoking devices used for consuming dry herb. Their simplistic nature (only require a lighter and pipe) and ease of use make them a popular option for smoking on the go or while relaxing at home.

We offer a large selection of hand pipes for sale with virtually endless color options, unique styles, themed or character pipes, and a wide variety of sizes.

What to Should I Look for When Buying a Hand Pipe

  • Where do you plan on smoking? Pipes come in a range of sizes so you’ll want something smaller for on the go use, but can likely get away with a larger pipe for home use.
  • Is water filtration important? If you’d like to filter your smoke through water but don’t want something too complex, then a glass bubbler is your best option.
  • Simple design or artistic hand pipes? You can find cheap hand pipes that are very basic all the way through intricate works of art known as heady glass that you’ll want to proudly display.

Types of Hand Pipes

Though hand pipes are among the more straightforward of smoking devices, that doesn’t mean that creative designs don’t exist. In fact, there are several styles of hand pipe on the market so you’ll find one that meets your needs.

Chillums & One Hitters

Definitely the most discreet smoking pipes, chillums and one hitters are intended for consuming small amounts of herb. These are straight pipes, sometimes resembling a cigarette to make them even sneakier.

Spoon Pipes

Likely the most popular hand pipe style there is, spoon pipes get their name from their shape which mirrors the utensil found in your kitchen. Their sleek design and often included carb hole for airflow control make them a great option for beginners or connoisseurs.


If water filtration is important, a bubbler is a hybrid design that combines the look and feel of a hand pipe with a chamber to hold water. Bubblers are often one solid piece, unlike water pipes with other components like a bowl or downstem.

Sherlock Pipes

Named after the iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes, you’ll find that sherlock pipes feature a long vertical handle and look like a classic tobacco pipe.

Character Pipes

Character pipes, also referred to as “themed pipes” are designed to resemble an animal, pop culture character or another novelty shape.

Hand Pipes

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