Do Millennials Care About Art

In this new age of legalization, bongs are respected, bankable art.

Classic paintings vs. Artistic Bongs.

Aren’t paintings a little overrated? Our culture is in a new age and our art is reflecting that. Baby Boomers have spent hundreds of millions on paintings however are any millennials that care? I don’t know if any of my friends have paintings hanging from the walls but I do know that most of them if not all have bongs. The traditions of decorating your smoking device go back thousands of years. Cavemen were probably smoking out of pipes while doing cave art.

Millennials would rather spend money on a piece of glass art than spend it on a painting.

I was just reading that the world’s most expensive painting was Leonardo Da Vinci’s and it sold for around $400 million. To spend this amount of money on a painting is madness to me. How can a painting cost more than 3000 times the average value of a house in America? There have always been people that have used art to “clean” their money. You could argue that this is the reason that some art costs so much in the first place.

Laundering Money With Bongs?

Just like a painting much of the value comes from the artist. Glass blowing artists spend years learning about small changes that can make a bong perfect. Bongs blown by artists are crafted carefully into some amazing shapes that have recently caught the attention of the media. $20,000 to $100,000 plus, some of these bongs are mind blowing.

For example, take a look at that bong above. That’s right. That is a bong and you can see how beautifully crafted it is. The price tag on “Leo Fish” is $60,000. It is a 1:1 original one of a kind and uses very expensive glass. It has also never been used.

New Ultra High End Bongs Are Changing The Art World.

The tastes of a new generartion are changing the art world. For a long time there were gate keepers in the art world, now with tools such as Instagram artists are dealing directly with the customers and are avoiding galleries. Click on this link to see more expensive bongs, 10 Craziest Most Expensive Bongs.

Don’t Fall For Cheap Glass.

There are lots of people trying to scam you by selling you cheap glass. People often take pictures of expensive glass and then will send you a cheap replica made in China. Forgery is nothing new in the art world and this is why you should shop at All In 1 Smoke Shop. We only sell authentic high quality American made glass. All In 1 Smoke Shop.

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