About Bubblers

Bubblers are a style of water pipe that are simple and a fun way to smoke your herbs. It’s a type of water pipe that’s related to the well-known and commonly used bong. The bubbler is distinct in many ways and offers a set of features just not found in a bong.

Bubblers, like bongs, have a bowl (often not removable), a mouthpiece, and a stem, as well as a chamber that keeps water for the smoke to pass through. This allows the smoke to cool while traveling, resulting in a smooth and tasty rip. A percolator, which is an auxiliary water chamber that aids in the cooling process, may be built into some.

Different Types of Bubblers

There are many different types for you to choose from. We’ve gone through and listed the most popular types below:

Hammer Bubblers

Hammer bubs are, as the name implies, shaped like a hammer. They can be identified by their slanted bases and the way they sit, with the mouthpiece supporting the majority of the piece’s weight while remaining flat. They’re also known for having some of the thickest glass, making them extremely popular.

Sidecar Bubblers

Just like their hammer shaped cousin, sidecars get their name from their shape. They are widely known for sporting a sturdy base made of thick glass which allows for smoother rips than other styles. Splash back is also reduced thanks to the design.

Double Bubblers

Double designs sport twice the amount of water chambers from the single design(hence the name). They’re designed so the bowl is in the first chamber, which allows for additional filtration via the second chamber. The two chambers also give it a camel-like appearance and help it maintain a sturdier stance on flat surfaces.

Glass Bubblers

Almost all designs are made of glass or borosilicate glass, a distinct type of glass that makes the unit more resistant to temperature changes. There are some pieces that are constructed of ceramic, silicone, and even acrylic.

Sherlock Bubblers

Sherlock bubblers take their name from Sherlock Holmes’s old school wooden tobacco pipe. The base of this style is very large, and it flows into a long, narrow neck. This provides great cooling, but it can also make them much more fragile if you aren’t careful while smoking or cleaning.

Percolator Bubblers

By adding a bit of extra technology that filters and cools the smoke, percolator bubblers make smoking so much smoother. These are the priciest bubblers on the market, but they’re also the smoothest. They can easily break if you’re the clumsy type, but they’re usually made of thick glass that should easily withstand the test of time.

Silicone Bubblers

Silicone bubblers are a relatively recent addition to the scene, but they’re already making waves. And it’s easy to see why. Most of them are quite affordable, come with replaceable quartz bowl attachments, and are available in a multitude of styles.

Mini Bubblers

Mini bubs are smaller counterparts of traditional styles. They are frequently more difficult to come by than the other types, and they’re also more difficult to use. However, if you’re looking for something that’s easier to conceal, that you can take out on the town with you, and that’s still a lot smoother than a one-hitter or bowl, there are a few options available.


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