Aqua Works Stemless Bubbler



About the Aqua Works Stemless Bubbler

This newly stocked stemless bubbler from Aqua Works is the perfect addition to any smoker’s collection. With its unique pear body, color accents, and crown diffused percolator, this little sucker packs a wallop. Even though it’s only eight inches in height, this piece looks fantastic no matter what colors you decide to choose (blue and slime, clear and slime, smoke and slime, or pink and purple).


  • 8″
  • 5mm Tubing
  • Stemless Banger Hanger
  • 14G Joint
  • 14G Insert
  • Tech Pear Body
  • Maria Ring Bent Neck + Flared Lip
  • Fixed Crown Diffused Orb Perk
  • Color on Lip, Body + Insert

Available in 4 Color Variation:

  • Blue & Slime
  • Clear & Slime
  • Smoke & Slime
  • Pink & Purple

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