RAW Classic 648 King Size Slim


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About the RAW Classic 648 King Size Slim

Raw Classic 648 King Size Slim Smoking Papers are a fully unbleached vegan rolling paper that is produced from Hemp Paper. They sport a natural light brown color due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibers, resulting in a thin golden brown almost transparent smoking paper. They watermark each paper with a Criss Cross to avoid runs and ensure a more even burning, rolling paper. Since hemp gum is used, if the gum does not adhere as well as you would like, run the flame of your lighter down the length of the paper to increase stickiness. The flavor is pure and all-natural once lit.


  • 32 Leaves Per Pack (50 Packs Per Box)
  • Manufactured By RAW
  • Criss-Cross Watermark To Prevent Runs
  • All Natural

What’s in the Box

  • 1x RAW Box Of Classic 648 King Size Slim Papers (50 Packs)
  • OR

  • 5x RAW Packs Of Classic 648 King Size Slim Papers

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