HiSi Mini Geyser 16″ Straight


16″ Tall 

Straight Geyser Perc

Inline Beaker

Multi Hole Slide

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Mini Geyser 16″ Straight Tube
by HiSi Glass

Combining the classic straight tube and HiSi’s patented geyser percolation, this mini geyser delivers a clean hit each and every time. Resting on top of a hexagonal base and featuring ice pinches for creamy cold goodness, HiSi’s mini geyser straight is made on thick 50x5mm tubing. Complete with a HiSi drain slide, this little guy is ready to become part of your next session equation!


1 x HiSi Mini Geyser 16″ Straight
1 x HiSi Drain slide

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