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13.5″ Hard Times Fixed w/ Showerhead


13 1/2″ Tall Cobalt Blue Lip and Foot Wraps “Burnout”  Fire – Ice Wig Wag Section

Hard Times 3 Perc Straight


19″ Tall made on 50x5mm tubing Red Elvis lip and foot wraps and bridge accent welded

Hard Times Fixed Inline Straight w/8 Leg Tree Perc



Forged deep in the belly of Los Angeles, Hard Times Glass is ready to provide you with the key to happiness. The Fixed Inline Straight is chocked full of percolation to give you the cleanest, smoothest pulls without breaking your bank account. Starting at the honeycomb slide, the solid fixed downstem leads to an inline that gets the bubbles started. Up into an extra large can containing an 8 leg tree perc and through the 3-way ice pinch, your smoke will pour out of the rounded mouthpiece and lock you up on the couch for hours. Made on extra thick tubing, Hard Times’ Fixed Inline Straight is all you will ever need in a cell mate.


  • 1 x Hard Times Fixed Inline Straight
  • 15″ tall
  • 1 x 18mm Honeycomb Slide

Hard Times Rasta Straight


COMES WITH BANGER!!! 10 1/4″ tall 38 x 4mm can 16mm neck Rasta wig wag on

MAV 18″ Color Accent Beaker


18″ Color Accent Beaker by Mav Glass Tall and thick is the only way to describe

MAV 18″ Straight


18″  Straight by Mav Glass Coming to you from California, Mav Glass’ 18″ straight will pour

Pacific Lights 10″ Straight


Coming straight from California, this Pacific Lights straight is a perfect ripper for people shopping on a budget.  Complete with slide and slitted downstem, this 10″ tall tube packs a big punch in its little body. With ice pinches and color accents, this Pacific Lights gives you a ton of quality for a bargain price. Available in 8 different colors!!

RAW Bamboo Backflip Rolling Tray


The RAW Bamboo Backflip Rolling Tray is an all bamboo tray with two separate parts that