Aqua Works Stemless Lava Water Pipe




About the Aqua Works Stemless Lava Lamp Water Pipe

The Aqua Works Stemless Lava Lamp Water Pipe gets its name from the fact that it has no stem and resembles the classic shape of a lava lamp. The conic design of the water pipe’s exterior is mirrored by the percolators inside, making the overall design quite pleasing to the eye. Aqua Works designed the Stemless Water Pipe with showerhead cone percolators that combine the smoke from the two water chambers. That’s double the filtration! It even has an ice pinch (ice catcher) that gives you the option to take chilled hits if you so desire.

Available in 3 colors variations

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green/Slime


  • 13″ Tall
  • “Lava Lamp” Conical Shape
  • Dual Chamber & Dual Showerhead Percolators
  • Ice Pinch for Chilled Hits
  • Wide, Flared Mouthpiece
  • Stemless “Banger Hanger” Design
  • Includes 14mm Dry Herb Bowl

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