HiSi Double Mushroom 18″ Beaker


18″ Tall

Double Mushroom Perc

HISI Downstem

Multi Hole Slide

Based In California

In stock


Double Mushroom Perc 18″ Beaker

by HiSi Glass

This Double Mushroom Perc Beaker by HiSi Glass brings scientific precision from the chemistry lab straight to your coffee table. Featuring HiSi’s Mushroom perc to purify your smoke, 2 times!, HiSi’s ingenious design will give you a lifetime of clean smoke. With ice pinches, sandblasted water levels, a removable step diffuser downstem and drain slide you will be ready to puff as soon as you unbox it. Make HiSi Glass a part of your next session equation!


1 x HiSi 18″ Beaker with Double Mushroom Perc

1 x Removable Step Diffuser Downstem

1 x HiSi Drain Slide

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