Or Do They Sell You DHgate.com Bongs?

Firstly before we get into Smoke Cartel we need to talk about “Seed Of Life”. “Seed Of Life” is a great company based out in California. They make amazing pieces that function incredibly well. Here is a link to some of their pieces “Seed Of Life”. I have one of their pieces and it really rips. “Seed Of Life” is a well known brand and is widely recognized by smokers. “Seed Of Life” does not just make excellent functioning “scientific glass”, they also make really awesome “heady glass” too! This is one of “Seed Of Lifes” awesome pieces:

Well I was searching for some “Seed Of Life” glass on Google and I thought that I had found the deal of a lifetime. I am a huge fan of “Seed Of Life” especially their amazing Lace Sphere Perc. However when I pressed on the link it sent me to a suspicious piece on “SmokeCartel.com”

Here is an image of the piece that I found on Google: I was first shocked at the price. Only $99 for an actual California made “Seed Of Life” bong?

What I realized next was that this was not actually a “Seed Of Life” bong. What it is advertised as is (The “Seed of Life Egg” Faberge Egg Dab Rig with Banger”)

I am not sure if it is legal to advertise this as a “Seed of Life Egg”, after checking with some experts I can %100 say that this is not from the company “Seed Of Life Glassworks”. (That is a link to their Instagram). Please share this on Instagram to spread awareness of this BS.

Now Smoke Cartel is not actually saying that this piece is from “Seed Of Life Glassworks”.

HOWEVER they are making it very confusing to uneducated buyers. I work for a smoke shop and this confused me at first….

15 Second GIF For Proof!



I then went to DHgate.com. A place where you can find Chinese bongs made with lead paint and other harmful materials. Many people are not aware that there are dangers involved when you smoke Chinese glass. There are often very harmful materials in the glass which can be dangerous. One of the benefits involved in buying American glass is that everything has been verified safe. Here is a link where you can see a VERY VERY similar looking bong for less money. I am not saying that Smoke Cartel sells DHgate.com glass, but you can judge for yourself. Here is an image from DHgate.com:

This is what REAL “Seed Of Life” Bongs Look Like:

All In 1 Smoke Shop is made up of glass artists and smokers that enjoy smoking good bongs. When we buy glass we inspect it to make sure that it has no flaws or defects. This way when you buy something from us you will be happy. We don’t sell Chinese glass full of lead paint, we are proud to sell American glass with excellent function. Don’t fall for other websites, for a long time online smoke shops just sold Chinese glass at a high markup however those days are over. Anyone who hasn’t checked out “Seed Of Life” should!

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