Carb Cap with Small Line Pattern



About the Carb Cap with Small Line Pattern

If you were to ask any savvy dabber, they’d tell you that a carb cap is integral when it comes to your dab setup. When using a domeless nail, a carb cap aids in limiting airflow. This allows it to sustain heat for much longer allowing you to experience the full flavors and effects of your concentrates.

One of the newest carb caps to join the dab scene is the spherical carb cap, also known as a ball carb cap. A spherical carb cap, shaped like a ball with a straight air path running through the center, allows you to limit and guide airflow for better vaporization and flavor.

Not only would this carb cap be a nice addition to any collection, it would also spice up your sessions with a bit of color. Pick your favorite and order today.


  • Comes In 5 Assorted Colors
  • Limits Airflow
  • Improves Your Dabs

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Carb Cap With Small Line Pattern

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