SkilleTools Anodized Series Dab Tools


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About the SkilleTools Anodized Series Dab Tools

All of the SkilleTools Anodized Series Dab Tools are made from surgical-grade steel with a high quality anodized finish in the USA. They’re available in a variety of designs, all of which are equipped with an ergonomic grip for all day dabbing.

  • Honeybun – Poke with the pointed tip and scoop with the rounded end paddle
  • Scoop 2.0 – An extra long shovel end is perfect for hauling globs of wax
  • Flexy – Use the sharp-edged curved tip for breaking and then scraping, great for cleaning up corners
  • Mr. Dab – This dab tool has a devil tail design that is great for poking and scooping
  • Dr. Dab – Use this classic style long flat tipped tool to spread concentrate after slicing

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Honeybun, Scoop 2.0, Flexy, Dr. Dab, Mr. Dab