ZOB Wubbler Inline Beaker

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10″ Tall

14mm Slide

7 Slit Inline Perc

Maximum Diffusion

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Wubbler Inline Stemless Beaker

by Zob Glass

Zob Glass’s Wubbler beaker is one of the most unique pieces you will ever see come out of a scientific studio. Combining a 7 slit inline diffuser with a classic beaker style, Zob’s original creation packs a real punch. Creating an insane amount of bubbles, the Wubbler also minimizes breakage by utilizing a stemless downstem. This ensures that your clumsy friend won’t smash your removable when its time for him to reload. Made on thick tubing and incorporating a sleek bent neck, the wobbler stands alone in a sea of look a likes.


1 x Zob Wubbler Beaker

1 x 14mm slide

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