Puffco Plus Replacement Chamber


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About the Puffco Plus Replacement Chamber

The replacement chamber for the Puffco Plus vaporizer pen has a unique design that sets it apart from the competitors. The chamber allows you to take substantial puffs while the integrated airflow provides you with a nice and steady flow of high-quality vapor. To get the most out of your Puffco replacement chamber, think of it like a rig. Make sure you only load small amounts of your herbs and make a habit out of cleaning the pen regularly.

Extra Large Chamber

The replacement chamber for the Puffco Plus is quite huge, which gives you the freedom to load virtually as much as you’d like into the chamber. These aides in providing some of the purest vapor that will ever hit your lips. It does this through the heating element being a ceramic-based atomizer.

First of Its Kind

One thing that the Puffco Plus has above others in the industry is that it features a conduction and convection heating design which uses the whole atomizer chamber. You basically get the best of both worlds to enjoy your sweet vapor.


  • Replacement Heating Chamber for Puffco Plus Vaporizer Pen
  • All Ceramic Chamber

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Replacement Puffco Plus Heating Chamber


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