G Pen Elite Water Pipe Adapter


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About the G Pen Elite Water Pipe Adapter

Brought to you by G Pen (Grenco Science), the G Pen Elite Water Pipe Adapter allows you to attach your G Pen Elite Vaporizer to any water pipe of your liking. No matter if it’s a male or female connection, you will be able to use the water pipe with the G Pen Elite thanks to this handy little adapter.

Extended Draw Path

Even when not being used with a water pipe, the G Pen Elite adapter can keep the pen on the cool side with its extended draw path. This is especially significant news for those who have complained about the G Pen being too hot when it comes time to inhale. You now can enjoy your Elite G Pen without worry of burning your lips off.

Water Cooling

The G Pen water pipe adapter not only allows you to attach your G Pen to any water pipe, but through its water cooling and filtration system you can take much smoother and longer draws of vapor.


  • 100% Authentic Grenco Science Accessory
  • Fits Standard Ground Glass Joints (M-10mm or 14mm, F-10mm, 14mm or 19mm)
  • Water Piece Adapter for G Pen Elite

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Reversible G Pen Elite Water “Peace” Adapter

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