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ANDY G Wig Wag Banger Hanger Rig


6″ Tall

10mm Bowl

Banger Hanger

Crafted By Andy G

1:1 Piece

Andy G Wig Wag Recycler


9.5” Tall 

Female Joint


Wig Wag Accents

Double Uptake 

Crafted By Andy G Glass

Aqua Marine Shaman by Upgrade Glass


6” Tall

Female Joint


Shaman Series

Crafted By Upgrade Glass

Bowman Pink Mini Tube


4″ Tall

Female Joint


Mini Rig

Crafted By Bowman Glass

Connoisuer Cup by EF Norris


Height 4.75 inches

10mm joint

Color light Robins Egg

#3/18 in the series

Custom Creations BRB50


9″ Tall

Ratchet Bubbler Rig

Based in California

Herb Or Wax

Custom Creations Jet Mini


9″ Tall

Jet Mini Rig

Daisy Jet Perc

Based in California

Custom Creations Mini Ratchet Bubbler


8″ Tall

Mini Ratchet Bubbler Rig

C2 Perc

Based in California

Custom Creations Shower Head Bubbler


BRB1 Rig

Showerhead Perc

Based in California

CX 30 MAV Bubbler 4.5” Tall


4.5″ Tall

Disc Perc

Divine Nature Recycler by Diet Glass


9” Tall

Female Joint


Recycler Rig

Kryptonite Glass

Crafted By Diet Glass

Divine Nature Serum Recycler by Diet Glass


8” Tall

Female Joint



Recycler Rig

Crafted By Diet Glass

Exosphere Mothership


Authentic Mothership Glass

Height 6.5 Inches

10mm Joint

Clear Body Cap

Clear bucket

Frosted neck

Hard Times Rasta Straight


Comes With A Banger

10.25″ Tall 

Rasta Wig Wag Base

Inline Downstem

Based In California  

Hootie’s Tree Mini Rig


10″ Tall

14mm Bowl

Perfect For Wax Or Herb

Empire Glassworks

Illadelph Recycler Rig


Authorized By

Authentic with QR code


11″ Tall

Recycler Rig

Matching Illadelph Wu Tang Banger