Heady glass is an adjective for only the finest glass produced. Usually involving a combination of advanced skills like honeycombs, wig wags and sculptural techniques, these pieces are one of a kind. Drawing from all walks of artistic expression and combing with superior function, heady glass are statement pieces that let people know that you are not someone who just messes around.  Let your brother smoke out of your old side piece because you should keep this heady for yourself.

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Amani Aztec Tube


6.25” Tall

Female Joint

10mm Joint

2 Hole Diffuser

Straight neck

45° Joint

Crafted By Amani Summerday

Amar 2 Piece Spiral


14mm Wig Wag Spiral   Follow the artist @_amarica_🔌

Amar Crushed Opal Tube


5” Tall

Female Joint


Black Crushed Opal Glass

45° Joint

Crafted By Amarica 

Amar Slide 2


18MM Line worked section slide   Follow the artist @_amarica_🔌

Amar Worked Two Piece


14mm Ice and Fire wig wag two piece   s

ANDY G Wig Wag Banger Hanger Rig


6″ Tall

10mm Bowl

Banger Hanger

Crafted By Andy G

1:1 Piece

Andy G Wig Wag Recycler


9.5” Tall 

Female Joint


Wig Wag Accents

Double Uptake 

Crafted By Andy G Glass

Aqua Marine Shaman by Upgrade Glass


6” Tall

Female Joint


Shaman Series

Crafted By Upgrade Glass

Bowman Pink Mini Tube


4″ Tall

Female Joint


Mini Rig

Crafted By Bowman Glass

Connoisuer Cup by EF Norris


Height 4.75 inches

10mm joint

Color light Robins Egg

#3/18 in the series

Diet x Dwreck Beaker Collab


8” Tall

Rare 1:1 Collab

Female Joint


Monster Eye Opals

Signed by Both Artists 

Crafted By Diet Glass & DWreck

Divine Nature Recycler by Diet Glass


9” Tall

Female Joint


Recycler Rig

Kryptonite Glass

Crafted By Diet Glass

Divine Nature Serum Recycler by Diet Glass


8” Tall

Female Joint



Recycler Rig

Crafted By Diet Glass

Exosphere Mothership


Authentic Mothership Glass

Height 6.5 Inches

10mm Joint

Clear Body Cap

Clear bucket

Frosted neck

Hootie’s Tree Mini Rig


10″ Tall

14mm Bowl

Perfect For Wax Or Herb

Empire Glassworks

Huffy Ball In A Beaker


19″ Tall

14mm Bowl

Showerhead Perc

Intricate Pattern Sections

Huffy Made Tubing

Huffy Frosted Blue And Green Beaker


18.5″ Tall

14mm Bowl

Ice Pinch

Custom Sandblasted Pattern

Lapped & Polished Angular Mouthpiece

Large Mouthpiece

Huffy Frosted Blue Beaker


18″ Tall

14mm Bowl

Ice Pinch

Custom Sandblasted Engraving

Huffy Quality