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If you’re in the market for a high-end vaporizer and don’t plan on traveling with your device, then a desktop vaporizer is your best choice. They use convection heating as compared to portable vaporizers that usually use conduction heating. Even when they manufacture portable vaporizers with a convection-based heating system, there will almost always be some conduction-based heating present. This means a 100% convection-based heating system of a desktop vaporizer will heat your dry herb only when you draw or inhale hot air through the material. With some portable vaporizer models, you run the risk of having your herbs cooked unevenly.

Size of Your Vape Does Matter

Compared to its counterpart, the portable vaporizer, desktop vaporizers are usually on the bulkier side of the spectrum. This is because portable vaporizers don’t run off of A/C power like the desktop vaporizers. They instead run on a battery which will only give you so many draws of vapor before you need to recharge the device. Another thing to note is that if you’re looking to have group sessions, you’ll be repacking and having to recharge your vaporizer fairly often. But, if you decide to go with the desktop vaporizer, you won’t have to worry about battery life. Since desktop vaporizers usually have a much bigger bowl size, and some even come with a “sesh” mode, you and your friends can puff away until the cows come home.

Price – What Does a Desktop Vaporizer Really Cost?

Not all desktop vaporizers are created equal. Those at the bottom of the price range won’t give you that robust and flavorful vapor that you can attain from the likes of the Volcano Classic and similar top of the line devices. You should keep in mind that even the lower cost desktop vaporizers, like the Arizer Extreme Q, will still outperform most portable vaporizers currently on the market.

Vapor Quality

This is where desktop vaporizers shine above the rest. Portable vaporizers are great for their portability, discreetness, and ease of use, but desktop vaporizers offer unrivaled vapor quality. This is due to the plug-in design of tabletop units which constantly provides power. Whereas portable vaporizers use a battery which you will often need to charge after every couple of uses. Which means that a desktop vaporizer’s convection-based heating system will have no problem providing you with rich, flavorful vapor clouds.

Desktop Vaporizer Types

Depending on how you would like to inhale your vapor, you will have a couple of choices you can choose from. There are devices that use a whip (consisting of a wand that holds your herb, tubing and a mouthpiece), those that use the balloon bag system with forced air, or those that give you both options (hybrid or dual-use). It all comes down your personal preference and how you’d would like your vaporizing experience to be. If you prefer a short wait time (as soon as you reach your desired temp, you can start inhaling), having full control of how much vapor you inhale, and don’t mind being tethered to your desktop vaporizer then the whip system would be for you. However, if you like the freedom to enjoy your vapor anywhere you go, then a forced air vaporizer with the balloon bag system would be your ideal choice.

If you aren’t sure which you prefer or would like to enjoy both methods of inhalation, then a hybrid device which offers you the ability to choose between both styles would be your best bet.

Desktop Vaporizers

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