Dab Pens

What Are Dab Pens?

Dab pens (sometimes referred to as vape pens) are compact, pen-shaped concentrate vaporizers that are excellent for a discreet session when you’re out and about. Not only do they range from slim pen-sized models to bigger cigar-sized ones, but the overall design of the pen can vary. For newcomers who want to vape wax, pen style units offer a more simplistic approach. Simply load some concentrate onto a coil and press a button to take your hit.

What Is Your Intended Use?

Are you planning on using your dab pen for concentrates and oils, or do you plan on using it purely for wax? Because the best pen for oils won’t always be the best pen for wax. There are some devices that include components that allow you can do both. So, if you’re planning on using your pen just for oils, look for a vape that includes an oil tank. If you prefer the wax vaping experience, check out the Boundless Terp Pen for a very affordable and easy-to-use option.

Dab Pen Components

Most dab pens that are currently on sale only have a few minor differences. But the components that make up the devices are mostly the same.

The first component is the battery, which is crucial if you want your pen to work. Commonly powered by lithium-ion, the high-powered batteries are what you use with more powerful devices. What does this mean? You will get more time to vape with the bigger-sized pens as compared to the short battery life you’ll get with smaller devices.

The second piece the tank for oils or heating coil for thicker concentrates. They manufacture the tanks from stainless steel, glass or polycarbonate plastic, and some tanks even have a viewing window that lets you see when the tank needs a refill. A heating coil is commonly made from a quartz rod that has a metal coil wrapped around it. As the coil heats, this transfers to the quartz rod which instantly vaporizers your wax.

Finally, we have the mouthpiece. This attaches to that tank or heating coil and is where you draw from to take a hit.

Types of Heating Coils

With dab pens, there are three types of heating coils that are most frequently used. There are minor distinctions between the three, but it boils down to your own individual taste. The three heating coil types you have to choose from are:

Titanium – Titanium coils are some the more popular coils currently being used in dab pens. To make sure your coils don’t become too fragile after a minimal amount of usage, look for the pens that are manufactured with high quality titanium. This will ensure your pen has a long lifespan.

Quartz – Being resistant to high temperatures makes quartz heating coils optimal for taking big hits of concentrates. Do note that the rapid heating to high temps can cause you to go through your wax quickly. It’s best to use small amounts to avoid surprisingly large clouds of vapor.

Ceramic – Much like the quartz heating coils, ceramic coils can endure high temperatures. Generally, ceramic tends to burn at lower temperatures providing you with a better tasting vapor. For this reason, pens with ceramic coils will provide the best flavor with waxes.

Dab Pen Benefits

Not only are dab pens simple to use and convenient, but there are other reasons you should think about when looking into buying a dab pen.

First is the amazing flavor they produce. The dab pen’s heating feature (coils) puts you in the driver seat allowing you to decide how hot you want your vapor to be. Everyone has their own personal preference, so we recommend that you test out multiple settings until you find the right one for you.

The second reason you should buy a pen is the money you will end up saving. If you’re going to buy a dab pen, you should know that it will be an investment. It might be costly up front, but in the long run, you’ll come out on top. Most pens are manufactured to last, with the outer housing being made of steel to ensure hours of use. Also, the help you conserve your wax since it only takes a little dab of concentrate to give you countless draws of vapor.

Another major benefit is the discreetness that dab pens offer. They’re only the size of a pen, so you have the luxury of being able to vape incognito just about anywhere. And since most dab pens are ready to go shortly after they’re turned on, you won’t have to mess around with the temperature or any other settings. This gives you a worry-free vaping experience.

Dab Pens

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