Every hobby has its own set of tools and accessories that go along with it. Smoking is no different. Whether you are looking for herb grinders, rolling papers, or stash containers, All In One Smoke Shop has it all.
Here is a rundown on some of the most common smoking accessories.

Herb Grinders
A grinder is one of the best investments that a frequent smoker can make. Not only do they make it fast and simple to separate your dry herbs, they also make it much easier to conserve your herbs after they are ground.

When herbs are properly ground, they can be packed more tightly into a bowl or rolling papers. This keeps them from being exposed to too much oxygen, and gives you more control over how fast and how smoothly they burn.

Herb grinders have at least two interlocking sections which form upper and lower chambers. The sections contain teeth that grind your herbs as you twist them. The longer you grind, the smaller the particles will be.

There are many different styles of herb grinders, with some being fancier than others. They can be made out of wood, metal, or acrylic. Many contain additional chambers and filtering screens to separate particles of different sizes. You can get them in small or large versions and some have nice bonus features like magnetic lids, to keep your herb from spilling out.

Wax Containers
Wax containers are the perfect place to keep your dab. They are designed to be non-stick so that you don’t end up wasting any wax. They are also small and easy to throw in a backpack or purse. Wax containers are odor proof, not letting any smells in or out, and won’t contaminate your wax.

Rolling Papers
Rolling papers have been around for a very long time, and they are still widely used in the smoking industry to smoke tobacco and other herbs. Made from ultra-thin paper, they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Rolling papers originated in Spain and were originally made out of wood pulp. Today they are made out of a variety of different substances such as hemp, rice, and cellulose fibers. The sticky strip used to seal rolling papers is made out of sap from Acacia trees.

Air Removal Storage System
Evak makes an excellent storage container with a patented plunger system that pushes air out and seals the container with an airtight seal. This a great place to store dried herbs, keeping them fresh, dry, and protected for long periods of time.

Stash containers
All In One Smoke Shop has a great assortment of stash containers to hide your favorite smoking gear. Whether it’s the nosy neighbor or your best friend, sometimes you just need a place to stash stuff. These containers look like normal household objects, such as air fresheners, cool whip containers, and hair brushes, but they come apart to reveal secret storage compartments.

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