Here is a guide written by All In 1 Smoke Shop to help you tell if an Illadelph is real. All In 1 Smoke Shop works directly with Illadelph and is an authorized seller of real Illadelphs. This is the reason why our store uses Illadelph in the name “Illadelph by All in One Smoke Shop”. Here is the proof from Illadelph Glass, the official website of Illadelph. On their website you can see proof that All In 1 is the best place to buy your Illadelph.

Before starting if you don’t know what an Illadelph is go here. Illadelphs are amazingly crafted bongs that function excellently. Illadelph is one of the most highly praised brands because of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

Illadelphs are more popular than ever and there is a growing illegal market to try and meet the demand of consumer through cheap counterfeits. When I started smoking, I knew nothing about glass. I made the huge mistake of buying a piece of overpriced Chinese junk. Not only was it so badly made the percs didn’t function but it was also way to fragile. It was made with cheap glass and was mass produced in a rush. This is when I learned that quality of a bong really matters.

6 Ways To See If An Illadelph Is Real.

Before buying an Illadelph there a few things you should check. This information is directly based on information provides on their website.


The first thing to look at while deciding whether an Illadelph is real or fake is actually the box. This may seem odd however all Illadelphs come with a patterned box that is easily recognizable. The writing and logo on the box is important too, Illadelph makes sure that there are no errors or misprints on the boxes. Now to look inside the box.


Here you can see the inside of the Illadelph box. Illadelph sends each bong with an insert that keeps the bongs safe during travel. Any Illadelph that is sold is bubble wrap from a store is a fake. Part of the reason why Illadelphs are so prized is because of the level of quality control that is brought to each bong. Here you can see a picture of an Illadelph from All In 1 Smoke Shops own inventory.

This is what an Illadelph should look like in it’s box. If it has a coil or is a mini it might look slightly different.


The plastic clips are another trend that Illadelph created. Illadelph is always at the front of trends and technology. The clips were used because Illadelph pioneered the glycerin coil and needed a way to combine the base and neck. The 19” Illadelph Coils from All In 1 Smoke Shop have magnetic clips that hold the base and neck together perfectly.


Quality Decals are the next tool to use to tell if the Illadelph is real or not. All the decals on Illadelphs are perfect. Getting decals perfect is difficult and the experts at Illadelph are great at it. Many of the decals on Chinese knockoffs use lead paint which can be harmful to your health. Here is a picture of an image of a fake Chinese Illadelph that is most likely made with lead paint.

This is an image of a fake Chinese Illadelph. You can obviously tell that it was mass produced.


Overall your Illadelph will having amazing craftsmanship. Once you start learning about glass it becomes easier and easier to tell whether or not a bong is made with quality craftsmanship or if it is mass produced. When I first got into bong smoking I knew nothing about glass and made the mistake of buying Chinese glass that I later regretted. I learned the difficult way however having a bong that is made well makes the smoking experience many times better.


This is the big one. Your Illadelph will come with a tamper proof Hologram. This is one way to tell whether it is real or not. There is no way to fake this. With all 6 of these tools you should be able to tell if the Illadelph is real.

There Are Stores That Knowingly Sell Fakes

There are lots of stores that knowingly sell fake Illadelphs to try and trick customers. Go to see all the stores that try to con people.

Why Does It Matter?

It matters for lots of reasons. When you buy a bong from China you have no clue what materials are in it. Many of the bongs that come out of China are made with lead paint. You could be smoking hazardous materials and potentially endangering your own life. Do not be fooled however, there are lots of websites that buy cheap glass from and then just resell it at a high markup. Let’s take a look at some of these fakes. Is it really worth using 1 of these. Especially because the average person has their bong 14 months before replacing it.

Here is an example of an awful FAKE Illadelph from Is it really worth smoking lead to get something for a few dollars less? Check it out here! Firstly you can just see how bad the quality of this is, not only is everything sized wrong but there are also massive problems with the proportions with it. This makes it harder to smoke as well as ruins the experience.

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