HiSi Double Geyser 18″ Beaker


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Standing 18″ tall, HiSi’s Double Geyser Beaker scientifically cleans and diffuses your smoke without creating drag on your lungs. Hisi’s geyser percs  produce more bubbles than a bubble bath as it purifies your smoke to take away all of the harsh byproducts of organic combustion. This is a complete piece with splash guard, ice pinches and a HiSi drain bowl. Features sandblasted logo and water level lines.  Put this in your cart and make HiSi’s double geyser perc beaker a part of your equation!

  • By: HISI Glass
  • 18″ Tall
  • Double Geyser Perc
  • Inline Beaker
  • Multi Hole Slide
  • Based in California

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