HiSi 50×5 Hexagon Beaker


15″ Tall

Hexagonal Beaker

Multi Hole Slide

HISI Downstem

Based In California

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50 x 5 15″ Hexagon Beaker

by HiSi Glass

Focusing on scientific function, HiSi draws on 40 years of glassblowing experience to deliver the cleanest smoking experiences on the market. With its unique hexagonal shape, this 15″ tall beaker is designed to purify your smoke while seeing at things from a different angle. Incorporating innovative advances like HiSi’s step diffuser downstem and drain slide, this California classic speaks to the scientist inside of all of us. Sandblasted HiSi element logo on the tube as well as sandblasting on the slide and downstem.


50×5 Heagon Beaker with ice pinches

Step diffuser removable downstem

clear drain slide

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