HISI 50MM Beaker Bong – 15″


  • Height: 15”
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm or 7mm
  • Flared Lip for Flavorful Rips
  • Ice Pinch
  • Matching Clear Bowl Included
  • HiSi Logo on the Neck
  • Removable 4.5” Diffuser Downstem


About the HiSi 50MM Beaker Bong – 15″

Looking for an American-made bong with fantastic function along with top-notch design? Then the master artisans over at HiSi have you covered. And this piece truly exemplifies superb form and outstanding function. It’s crafted from 50X5mm (or 50X7mm) borosilicate glass with a 45-degree ground joint and a removable diffuser downstem to effectively filter and disperse your smoke! At the bottom of the neck, you’ll notice an ice pinch which you can toss a few ice cubes into for some awesome cooled rips. And seeing the HiSi logo on the neck, diffuser downstem, and the slide provides you with peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with nothing but the best!

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