charityAll of us are aware of the news.

At ALL IN 1 SMOKE SHOP, we decided that we weren’t content with just reading the news – we decided that we had to do something to alter it, something that would help in saving our oceans.

Why? Because we are aware humans our at fault for oceanic pollution. We know if the marine ecosystem is threatened, millions of humans will lose their livelihood. And more importantly, we know that troves of marine animals are killed every day due to human pollution.

Therefore, it is time we humans rectify our mistakes which have led our oceans to the brink of disaster. Which is why we started doing these things over the past few years:

1. Engaging Local Organizations

In addition to having the manpower, organizations also have the expertise to invest and reverse the damage the oceans have suffered at our hands. The job is so big that these orginizations need help, we routinely interact with such organizations.

2. Making our customers aware

If we want to reverse the damage caused in yesteryears, we will not be able to do it alone. Everyone is going to need to do their bit. More importantly, in addition to realizing their past mistakes, everyone needs to doing daily actions which will reduce pollution. This is why we try to spread awareness to our customers so that they are aware of the damage suffered by oceans.

3. Taking Action

We know that people are tired of awareness campaigns. That is why we are going to take action and actually do the work ourselves. Despite putting the work, we can’t say whether or not it will be fruitful. What we can say, however, is that we’re playing our part. We think if everybody else also plays there part, there’s no reason why we cannot rescue our oceans.