Spoon Pipes

About Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the classic smoker’s device that date back to the 70s and are often referred to as hand pipes or dry pipes. Spoons are some of the most well-known hand pipes used by smokers around the world, thanks to their simple spoon-shaped design. Yes, spoon pipes get their name and shape from the kitchen utensil. They have a broad bowl on one end and a chamber on the other, which gradually tapers towards a mouthpiece. A carburetor (AKA carb) is normally adjacent to the bowl. This allow you to have more control over the airflow and your hit. Glass spoon pipes are about as basic as you can get (not in a bad way). Simply fill up your glass spoon pipe, inhale, then enjoy the ride!

Things to Consider When Buying A Spoon Pipe

When shopping for a new spoon, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Size – The size of your pipe directly affects the size of the bowl and how well it can cool the smoke before you inhale it. Larger pipes usually feature larger bowls, allowing you to stuff more material into them. They also have larger chambers, which allows the smoke to expand and move more freely, resulting in a smoother smoking experience.

Cleaning – You’ll want to clean out your pipe regularly. This helps to prevent harsh or unsavory hits. Make sure that the bowl, mouthpiece, and carb all have openings that can readily admit pipe cleaners or liquid cleaner.

Durability – Make sure you look for a pipe that is made of thick glass. Spoon pipes that are manufactured from thin glass can have weak spots.

Spoon Pipes

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