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About the Boundless Terp Pen Atomizer – 2 Pack

The Boundless Terp Pen Atomizer replacement 2 pack is a necessity for anyone who uses their Boundless Terp Pen regularly. Nothing is worse than hitting an overly used coil and coughing from the terrible taste.

Rapid Heat Time

As soon as you put the Terp pen to your mouth, the breath sensors will kick in and the coil will heat up. This allows you to dip the Boundless atomizer coil into your preferred concentrate. Enjoy big, flavorful clouds of vape almost instantly.

High Quality Materials

High quality ceramic and medical grade stainless steel make sure that your Boundless Pen coil replacements will hold up to just about anything. And if you take care of your pen and clean it regularly, these should last you quite a while.

Terp Pen Coil Features

  • Use for Concentrates
  • Finest Quality Ceramic
  • Breath Activation
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Certified Replacement Parts

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Boundless Terp Pen Atomizer Replacements – 2 Pack

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