14″ Flat Disc Zob Beaker


14″ Flat Disc Diffused Beaker

by Zob Glass

Zob’s 14″ Beaker with a flat disc diffused downstem is the sleek, thick glass you’ve been looking for. Made in California on 5mm thick glass, Zob’s classic beaker is strengthened even further by its fixed downstem. At the end of the downstem is a flat disc diffuser designed to produce more bubbles than you thought possible while pulling clean hit after clean hit. Zob’s beaker includes a clean looking 14mm male slide and 3 ice pinches down the neck.  Finished off with a bold graphic Zob label, this beaker is all you need to succeed.


  • 14″ Zob beaker
  • 14mm male slide


  • 14″ tall
  • disc perc diffuser on fixed downstem
  • beaker shape
  • ice pinches
  • 5mm thick wall tubing

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