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RAW Bamboo Backflip Rolling Tray


The RAW Bamboo Backflip Rolling Tray is an all bamboo tray with two separate parts that

Termini Micro Castle Rig


Termini Tubes 7″ Micro Castle is the daily driver that will always get you where you are going. Born in the laboratories of one of America’s finest scientific glassblowers, this jam is tuned to perfection. The 8 slit castle perc will make you think that your smoke is pouring out of a hot tub there are so many bubbles. Look no further for the best price and cleanest form and function than this Termini tube.

Zob Mini Straight w/4 Arm Tree Perc


14″ Mini Straight with 4 Arm Tree Percolator

by Zob Glass

Made in California, Zob Glass’s Mini Straight is 14″ tall and packed with the features you want in your daily driver. From the rounded mouth piece to the extra thick maria on the included slide, no detail is overlooked by Zob. The Mini Straight features two levels of diffusion: a 4 arm tree perc and an included diffused downstem to deliver the purest rips day in and day out. Towards the top of the Straight, Zob has a shallow ice pinch to keep your hits icy cold. Below that is a splash guard that lets you pull as hard as you want without ever getting water in your mouth. The included 14mm slide has an extra thick maria to protect your fingers from the heat you’re packing and removable slitted downstem make keeping your piece clean a breeze. Make this tight Zob Mini Straight your next addition and you won’t regret it.


  • 14″ Zob Mini Straight
  • Removable Zob labeled diffused downstem
  • 14mm slide with an extra thick maria


    • 14″ tall
    • 4 arm tree perc
    • slitted removable 14 to 18 downstem
    • splash guard
    • ice pinches
    • 14mm slide
    • 19mm fixed female joint