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Amber Spoon with Frosted Frit Front


Transparent Amber Spoon with Frit front Handmade in America so size and color will vary. All

Amber Spoon with Pink Slyme


Amber Spoon with Pink Slyme Attachment Handmade in America by Sugar Matty’s

Amber Spoon with Slyme


Transparent Amber Spoon, approximately 3 1/2″ long with a slyme attachement

Blue Spoon w/ Green Front Window


Blue Spoon with a green front window creates a green window into your greens Handmade in

Blue Spoon w/Pink Slyme Accent


Transparent blue spoon with a pink slyme accent spoons are approximately 3.5″ long

Blue Spoon w/Slyme Accent


Made in America,this blue spoon has a slyme accent on the side. Size may vary, spoons

Blue Spoon with Front Frit Texture


Transparent blue spoon with frit front Made in America 3.5″ Long