Moderate Smoker.

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Apple Delight 100mL Vape Juice


An all american pie stuffed with cinnamon spiced filling.

Sale Beetlejuice Vape Juice

Beetlejuice Vape Juice


Tropical blend of pineapple, strawberry and raspberry

Blueberry Delight 100mL Vape Juice


A buttery sugar powdered puff pastry with fresh picked blueberries and sweet cream.

BRU Juice Bru Berry Cream 60mL Vape Juice


A creamy, tangy yogurt blended with raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry.

BRU Juice Brunana 60mL Vape Juice


A banana candy you’ll be sure to recognize.

BRU Juice Fruit Cup 60mL Vape Juice


A fresh mix of apples, nectarine, and strawberry.

Sale Chai Tea Vape Juice

Chai Tea Vape Juice


Chai tea, butter cream, French vanilla

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Vape Juice


Your favorite cereal is back! The only thing missing is the milk.