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Available in 0, 3, 6, & 12mg nicotine levels.We carry 15mL and 30mL 

Beetlejuice Vape JuiceTropical blend of pineapple, strawberry and raspberry$6.99$11.99
Zebra Stripe Vape JuiceBubble gum blend of cherry, orange, lime, mixed fruit and lemon$6.99$11.99
Menthol Light Vape JuiceMenthol, koolada$6.99$11.99
Midnight Snack Vape JuiceGram cracker, strawberry, banana cream, cinnamon roll$6.99$11.99
Rugged Tobacco Vape JuiceCowboy blend tobacco$6.99$11.99
Chai Tea Vape JuiceChai tea, butter cream, French vanilla$6.99$11.99
Coffee Vape JuiceCoffee and cream, kona coffee, caramel, sweetened condensed milk$6.99$11.99
Menthol Vape JuiceMenthol, koolada$6.99$11.99
Black Magic Vape JuiceA Delicious mix of Blueberry and Blackberry$11.99