Illadelph Mint Green Mini Coil


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About The Illadelph Mint Green Mini Coil

For those who aren’t familiar with this odd-looking contraption, you’re looking at one of Illadelph’s signature creations: the glycerin coil. You’re now asking yourself, “What even is a glycerin coil?” The purpose of the glycerin coil is to offer users the smoothest rips possible. This is done by simply removing the coil from the base, place it in the freezer for about an hour, then placing it back on your bong and preparing for the smoothest rips of your entire life! The rips will be so amazing that you wont be able to go back to taking regular hits again.


  • Height: 15″
  • Matching Single Hole Slide Included
  • Mint OG Downstem Included
  • Illadelph Slide Included
  • Flared Lip
  • Glycerin Coil For Chilled Rips

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Illadelph Mint Green Mini Coil
  • 1 X Matching Single Hole Slide
  • 1 X Mint OG Downstem
  • 1 X Illadelph Slide

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