Illadelph 45mm Watermelon Beaker



About The Illadelph 45mm Watermelon Beaker

Illadelph has made quite a name for themselves since they entered the glass scene two decades ago. Known for producing top-of-the-line functional glass, Illadelph stands in a league of their own. They constantly seem to be on the cutting edge of what the next big thing will be, with their high standards and creative designs. And that could not be more evident than in this outstanding beaker bong. Although it might be minimal in appearance, it will get the job done and then some. And it will do so while looking quite regal with its colored accents and emblazoned Illadelph text and logos that cover the piece.


  • Flared Lip
  • Colored Accents
  • 45mm X 5mm Tubing
  • Matching Slide Included
  • Matching Downstem Included
  • Watermelon Coloring

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Illadelph 45mm Watermelon Beaker