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In my opinion and as well as the opinion of every experienced bong smoker, American glass is way better than Chinese glass. The quality of the glass is better, so is the smoking experience, and the piece lasts longer. American glass artists learn for years about what techniques makes better bongs, while overseas they are focused on just producing as many as possible at the expense of quality.
I have had bad experiences with Chinese glass. It’s low quality, it breaks easily. I once got a triple tree perc from China and because of the quality of the percs it was basically impossible to use. I am not saying that sells Chinese glass however if you look on their website they do have lots of pieces that look exactly like bongs on


If you decide to buy a real Illadelph I would not advise you to bring it outdoors, especially if you are going hiking or on a camping trip where the chances of it breaking are higher. No Chinese bong will ever match the experience or qulity of smoking an Illadelph. However there are times where having a cheap piece makes more sense. That’s 1 reason why you would get a cheap Chinese glass bong and bring it outdoors and even if it breaks, then oh well. You can afford it, it’s cheap and it is mostly like the one-time-use products.
But BEWARE! There are sites that just buy bongs directly from and then add $60 onto the price and then sell it to you. $35 (Counterfiet Illadelph)

My Horrible Experience with

CreeperDays 2 points · 3 years ago I wouldn’t recommend Dankstop. Almost all of their stuff is marked up China glass. For example:

  • $129 on DankStop vs. $41 on Dhgate
  • $74 on DankStop vs. $20 on Dhgate
  • $115 on DankStop vs. $27 on Dhgate

American glass is always going to be better than cheap Chinese glass. However if you are going to buy Chinese glass I would advise buying directly from the factory.

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