Whether you have just started smoking or have been smoking for decades, you may not know every method of smoking out there. Two methods of increasing popularity are smoking through a glass bong or cart. Bongs are more common and known across different cultures, while carts are emerging in the younger millennial population. There is a lot to know about each option, though, and one clearly outweighs the other. Bongs are not only unique, but they provide the user with a cleaner and more enjoyable experience than a cart does. Because there’s a ton of information about both of these methods of smoking, this article will go through everything you need to know about each of them. Let’s begin below.

What are Carts?

Carts, otherwise known as cartridges, are becoming increasingly popular in younger smoking culture today. As the name suggests, they are small units or casings that contain a liquid concentrate. You often purchase them pre-filled, these carts are used by attaching them into an e-cigarette or vape pen. Regardless of the rig you use, a cart is known across all types. This means that they aren’t called different things with different pieces. When you hear the word “cart” in reference to smoking, you should automatically think of concentrated oils used with a vaporizer.

What are Bongs?

More commonly known, bongs are used as one of the most universal depictions of smoking. It is a glass piece, also called a water pipe, that filters smoke when smoking. If you’ve ever used a water filter, you know that they sift out the bad stuff in your water and leave you with a healthy hit. The same goes for bongs.

Bongs work by the user filling their herb in a bowl piece that connects to the downstem. Once the bowl is packed and your mouth is on the bong it will create a vacuum, so air can only travel through the downstem and through the water. The downstem has holes in the bottom of it. When you light the bowl and pull from the top of the bong, the flame is pulled down through the herb and brings the smoke into the down stem. The smoke then leaves the down stem into the water where the smoke bubbles up to the surface. This bubbling and water filtering make for a clean, enjoyable hit. Once you take the bowl out air can travel through the bong pushing the smoke into your lungs.

Why Bongs are Better

There are tons of reasons why bongs are much better than carts are. One of the first and most convincing reasons to use a bong instead of a cart is how it’s water filtered. As mentioned above, this filter allows you to take the cleanest and most dense hit possible. When paired with ice in the ice pinch, the smoke cools and makes the hit easier on your lungs. Cool smoke in general is better for you than hot smoke, and it’s less irritating. Having ice and filtration give you the most comfortable smoking time.

A second great aspect about bongs is how you’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries. I know a lot of people who unfortunately use carts to smoke from. Since they need to use an e-cigarette or vaporizer, they always stress about charging them or the batteries. With a bong, you don’t have this concern. You’re able to pick up your piece and smoke whenever you want!

A lot of people are concerned with the thought that a bong could potentially break. It’s actually more likely for a vaporizer or e-cigarette cart to break than a bong is. Bongs only break when there is user error. This means that if you take great care of your piece, it will never break as long as it’s good quality like the American bongs we sell at All In 1 Smoke Shop. Unless you smash your bong or put it down on at bottle, it will not break. Vaporizers, though, are more prone to going wrong. They are chock packed with technology and dependent on their wiring. For example, if the battery fails or if the wiring to turn the pen on stops working, you’ll never get your hit. Because of this, it’s safer to smoke with a bong.

Fourthly, bongs rip so much better than a cart pen ever will. They are much stronger and always have a stronger effect than a pen does. This can be tested by watching people who have never smoked a bong before. People who are not used to smoking one will have a difficult time finishing their bong rip because of how much smoke is created. It may leave them coughing which shows how much smoke they pulled and how good of a rip they’re getting.

Cartridge pens are all basic. None of them are unique and they’re all factory produced. Bongs, on the other hand, are quite beautiful. Hand blown American glass pieces can be seen as artwork as well, rather than just a device used to smoke herb from. You can see this through bong brands like Illadelph, ROOR, Seed of Life, and Ben Danklin.

Something that people forget about smoking is how social of an activity it can be. When you’re surrounded by close friends and want to relax and have a good time, bongs are the way to go. You can pass a piece around in a circle, root each other on, and enjoy fully.

Which is Healthier?

Compared to carts, bongs have been proven to be non-damaging to your body and health. Because the water and ice cool the smoke that enters your lungs, it’s smoother on your lungs. A lot of the time, people think that bongs are worse for you because of how dirty they can get. People who don’t clean their bongs are the dirty ones. If you clean your bong every few days, the resin won’t cake on. Cleaning is easy – tons of non-toxic cleansers exist, and isopropyl alcohol with salt will do the trick. Keep in mind that everything you see inside the bong is there because it’s not going into your lungs. If the water didn’t filter it, all of the resin would be stuck inside of your lungs. But after using Isopropyl you must make sure to wash everything out. Smoking isopropyl could be deadly.

Smoking Bongs Must Be Healthy, Look At Both Snoop & Willey Nelson – They’re Both Alive!

In terms of carts, they’re too new to notice any potential side effects. That means it’s important to be more careful. After all, who knows what kinds of gunk can appear in your body after smoking cartridges? Recently, there have been many news stories about illness and deaths coming from people vaping fake carts. Putting your life at risk is not worth smoking from a vaporizer.

What About Convenience?

Convenience plays a major part in understanding why people opt to use carts rather than smoking cleaner from a bong. Carts are convenient because you can’t always bring a bong around with you to smoke when you want. Though this is true, convenience doesn’t always mean better. Bongs, on the other hand, allow you something to look forward to coming home to. After a long day, there’s nothing like smoking from a clean bong with ice. The enormous milky rip that you get can’t be replicated with a cartridge.

Even when traveling and camping I’ve brought my bong with me. Though I was nervous about the possibility of it breaking, I know how to carefully manage the bong and ensure it wouldn’t break. This way, I had no worries about my batteries of an e-cigarette dying. Now that’s convenience, right?

Buy a Bong

Bongs are better options than carts any day. If you’re finally convinced that you want to buy one, our website can help. All In 1 Smoke Shop works directly with bong and glass suppliers to give you the best piece possible. We know that smoking from a bong is a great option because it’s healthier, cleaner, and more efficient than using a cart. You’ll have a beautiful piece to be social with and pass around with one another. Lastly, you won’t risk death or illness that you are with a cart. Instead of using carts, buy a quality, American bong from All In 1 Smoke Shop. It’ll save you lots of headache in the future.

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