Beaker Bongs

What Are Beaker Bongs?

The beaker bong is like straight tube bongs but feature a large water chamber. They get their name from the beakers that scientists use all around the world. This design allows for improved water filtration. Because the beaker bong has a rounded bottom, it has a lower center of gravity, making it more difficult for it to fall over and break. Whether it’s on a shelf or a table, your bong will look lovely and stay secure!

Benefits of a Beaker Bong

There are several advantages to using a beaker bong. The large chamber base allows the smoke to filter and build up to a large volume. As a result, the hits are super smooth and plentiful. The beaker bong offers more controlled rips in addition to bigger hits. Whereas straight bongs produce more direct hits, the beaker bong allows you to choose how large of a hit you want and when you want to take it since you must draw harder.

The beaker bong also has a better filtering system because of its design. You can store more water in the base, allowing you to create more bubbles to filter the smoke. Because the beaker carries more water, you won’t have to change it as frequently either. Beaker bongs are also a cinch to clean. The shape of the bong makes cleaning a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to clean out all the ash and tar, restoring your piece to its original condition.

Beaker Bongs

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