Illadelph. Big name in a heady glass world

In Philadelphia the Illadelph water pipes name is synonymous with unique glass pipes and quality glass apparatuses. A quick search online will immediately make that crystal clear. With all glass blowers requiring a BA in glass blowing at minimum  skill sets them apart from the rest. While some are disappointed in the lack of a proper process in locating and buying replacement parts, it’s the innovation that keeps customers coming back from the Pyramid Percolator To the New Hourglass Recycler, which they even challenged artists and companies alike to try and replicate by providing their own blueprints!
Illadelph guys have made custom collaborations with SaltGlass, Coyle Condenser, Zach P, High Tech, and Ethan Windy just to name a few. Popping up as the designer brand of choice for many celebrities such as Waka Flocka Flame, MGK, Wiz Khalifa, Nick And Nate Diaz, and T.J. Miller Illadelph has cemented itself as one of the leaders in glass pipe blowing and they are here to stay.

Only Certified dealers carry the real deal and as a part of an agreement, Illadelph and those dealers are never in close proximity so check their website they have dealers in 48 of the 50 states, 4 Canadian provinces, AND even one in Austria. All in One Smoke Shop is one of them, currently there are 3 shops in PA area called “Illadelph by All in One Smoke Shop”.


With many choices from Rigs to Water Pipes there’s probably a piece that is perfect for you. The Fillacello Line of rigs strikes a striking harmony of heady art with the quality of a production line featuring the pyramid percolator; they are perfectly crafted without any slants and each one is identical to one another in shape.

With these rigs they also introduced a very unique hinged cap and banger combination that has truly made milking a concentrate hit simple. Illadelph glycerin coils also are the best on the market offering a cool smoking experience that isn’t compromised by tightness off air flow like most other glycerin tubes; this in turn also makes it easier to clean and avoids complete clogs that once frozen are stuck solid.
Last but not least they offer the Micro Series of Illadelph beakers some with an optional  glycerin coil that is a solid pick-up for anyone starting out or just looking for a low profile piece. Purchase packages used to come with Illadelph grinders in the past and while they have opted for a jar for storage most are sad to see that sweet grinder go. Monthly Promotional Items while promising can be underwhelming at times and sometimes it’s better to just skip that month. When it’s all said and done Illadelph water pipes stand head and shoulders above the rest where it counts and that’s at the bottom line; quality assurance.
Each and every one is crafted with care and that is felt when you wrap one up and take it home for a smoking experience that is truly nirvana. Whether you’re a rookie or an expert if you haven’t smoked out an Illadelph you are truly doing yourself a disservice.

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